My name is Reva Wittenberg, and I make handcrafted copper jewelry and chain mail designs out of my home studio in Sacramento, CA.

When I started playing with metal and fire, I felt like I had suddenly gained special access to the mysteries of the universe. Like I had the superpower to construct or transform anything. Metal is one of the building blocks of this world we live in. It's elemental. Being a metalsmith feels like magic - total alchemy. 

Ziva Shayna means splendor and beautiful in Yiddish, the language of my people. I hope you feel damn splendrous and wickedly beautiful in my designs! 

All metal parts of Ziva Shayna jewelry are completely handwrought from raw wire and sheet metal. You will not find any store-bought earring wires, chain, or stone settings in Ziva Shayna jewelry, and no two pieces are exactly the same. I use reclaimed wire whenever possible.

Each piece is patinaed, tumble-polished, and finished with museum-grade wax. As you wear it, the patina will slowly change and gain character with time and your body chemistry.